Solid Waste landfills

When you need to dispose of RCRA-exempt solid waste, count on Milestone for the ultimate in speed, cost-efficiency, and environmental integrity.

One Stop for Slurries and Solids

Milestone landfills are located close to our slurry injection facilities. In fact, our Orla location offers both at the same site. This allows you to work with a single reputable source to dispose of all of your RCRA-exempt oilfield waste streams, simplifying everything from logistics to accounting. What’s more, our facilities are located in the heart of active E&P basins. You’re able to minimize transport costs while being fully assured that your waste is being disposed of the way it should be.

In And Out Fast

Our facilities are designed for maximum efficiency, so you can minimize your cost of disposal. Just as we do in our slurry injection facilities, we pride ourselves on achieving low wait times at our landfills. From offloading to washout, we optimize traffic flow so trucks stay on the move instead of in the queue.

Engineered to Prevent and Protect

Milestone landfills are newly built, using the most advanced protective technologies and materials. Redundancy liners, leak detection systems, groundwater monitoring wells – every detail meets or exceeds the latest permitting requirements to ensure waste streams stay in the landfill and out of the surrounding environment. Ours is the most environmentally secure oilfield waste disposal option out there. We also adhere to rigorous maintenance standards, so year after year you can be sure the integrity of our facility is as solid as the day we opened it.

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Assured Compliance

Environmental protection is at the core of what we do. We have uncompromising operational processes and systems in place to give our clients the confidence and security they need when choosing a waste disposal partner.


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