New Energies Summit

Presenter and Sponsor

Hilton Americas Houston, 1600 Lamar St., Houston, TX 77010

Today's oil and gas technologies hold significant potential to address future energy challenges. Innovations in drilling techniques have unlocked previously inaccessible natural gas reservoirs, providing a bridge toward a lower-carbon energy future. Furthermore, advancements in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies offer a promising avenue for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By leveraging these technologies, we can develop integrated energy systems that prioritize efficiency and reliability. At the New Energies Summit you'll hear from the industry's top experts showcasing today's innovations to solve future energy challenges.

On Day 1 of the Summit, Tuesday, August 27, at 2pm, Milestone VP of Sustainability and Communications Carolina Ortega will be a panelist in the session "Developments and Challenges of Carbon Accounting for the Energy Transition". This insightful session will discuss how producers are meeting the challenges of carbon data collection and reporting, as well as what service providers are doing to help. They'll also discuss the main guidance on carbon accounting and how to establish achievable and realistic public emission reduction goals. You don't want to miss it!