OHH Saltwater Splash Fishing Tournament 2023

Koozie Sponsor and Team Participant

Port O’Connor Community Center, 3674 Adams Ave., Port O'Connor, TX 77982

The 19th Annual Oilfield Helping Hands (OHH) Saltwater Fishing Tournament aims to benefit families in our oilfield community, all while enjoying a great day of fishing, fun and prizes. The tournament provides an opportunity to meet fellow OHH members and contribute to a worthwhile cause. There is no other agency out there to “take care of our extended oilfield families,” and OHH helps fill the gap.

Milestone is proud to again sponsor this annual event through team participation and as Koozie sponsor. We hope you'll join us out there on the water to network and build relationships, while giving back to oilfield families in financial crisis through no fault of their own.