See Energy Waste from a New Perspective

Mounting pressure to address climate change is driving energy transition. Energy companies are facing increased scrutiny over their sustainability practices, and many are answering by making responsible environmental stewardship a fundamental part of doing business. The industry will need to pursue multiple paths to reach aggressive climate goals. But so far energy waste is not seen as one of those paths. At Milestone, we aim to change that.

Partnering with Milestone is smart business

Milestone changes your whole perspective on energy waste. Instead of an unavoidable production byproduct, it becomes an enormous opportunity. Our methods empower you to adopt a waste-management strategy that helps you reduce your carbon impact, meet your ESG objectives, and do your part to achieve global climate goals – all while running your business with utmost efficiency.

A Milestone worker attaching a pump to an oilfield waste vehicle.

Traditional methods present problems

Energy waste is commonly dumped into open reserve pits near the production site or spread directly on nearby land and tilled into the soil. While legal, these practices allow greenhouse gas emissions and threaten to contaminate soil and groundwater. Obviously, this is the opposite of good environmental stewardship. It also leaves operators with huge liabilities, since they legally own their energy waste forever. By contrast, Milestone’s methods go beyond compliance to protect the environment and your business, at about the same cost as the old problematic ways.


A better way in every way

Milestone’s advanced waste-sequestration solutions are safe, convenient, responsible, and permanent. Our proprietary slurry injection wells lock waste away deep underground in impermeable geologic formations, thousands of feet below the water table. Our landfills are expertly engineered and built to be a failsafe way of securing solids eternally without danger of leaks into surrounding soil and groundwater. Because we have both slurry injection wells and landfills, we’re equipped to be your single, professional resource for all waste management. And we’re located close to your operations, so you gain efficiencies while gaining on your net-zero goals. All for approximately the same cost as risky outdated methods.

A Milestone ES container designed for transporting oilfield waste.

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Our Solutions

An overview of a landfill under construction in a desert.


We sequester solids in permanent underground “carbon sinks” at our slurry injection sites, giving you one resource for all waste streams.

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Slurry Injection

Our proprietary process safely and permanently sequesters energy waste thousands of feet below the water table.

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