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Concerns over climate change are driving a global energy transition. While oil and gas producers are seen as essential providers to the energy mix, they’re also facing increased scrutiny over their environmental practices and carbon emissions. Energy companies are answering with aggressive environmental policies and goals. But most have not yet realized that proper energy-waste management can play an important role in reaching those goals. Landowners are in a unique position to advance this conversation.

A better way to manage energy waste

Energy waste consists of drilling fluids, produced water and other refuse that result from oil and gas production. While federal laws do not deem them to be hazardous, these waste streams contain elements not friendly to nature. This waste is most often dumped into open reserve pits or thinly spread and tilled into the soil near the production site, where it can contaminate the land, leak into the water table, and emit greenhouse gases into the air. Milestone offers a better way – for energy companies, landowners, and communities everywhere.

A Milestone worker attaching a pump to an oilfield waste vehicle.

We take the waste and the risks away

Milestone’s advanced solutions take energy waste off your land and puts it in a place where it can do no harm to anyone, ever. Our proprietary slurry injection wells lock waste away deep underground in impermeable geologic formations, thousands of feet below the water table. Our landfills are expertly engineered and built to be a failsafe way of securing solids eternally without danger of leaks into surrounding soil and groundwater. Milestone helps operators do the right thing with their energy waste, but we also make it easy. We’re conveniently close by. We cost about the same as risky outdated methods. And because we sequester waste permanently, we help drive their corporate environmental goals.


Protect your land in perpetuity

Land is a precious resource. It should be protected, not just to keep it pristine, but also to keep your options open for using it. With Milestone waste-management solutions, you’re able to allow production of the vital oil and gas assets that energize our lives and economies while keeping the vast majority of your land untouched and available for use. At the same time, you gain the peace of mind that the energy waste produced on your land is being properly and responsibly handled.

A Milestone ES container designed for transporting oilfield waste.

Strength in Numbers

227,000MT CO₂eFugitive emissions from land application avoided
2,176AcresLand Surface Saved From Land Application

Our Solutions

An overview of a landfill under construction in a desert.


We sequester solids in permanent underground “carbon sinks” at our slurry injection sites, giving you one resource for all waste streams.

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A picture of a slurry injection pump at dusk.

Slurry Injection

Our proprietary process safely and permanently sequesters energy waste thousands of feet below the water table.

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