The safety of our people and the secure disposal of oilfield waste are our first priorities.  Protecting our relationships with all our stakeholders and protecting the environment are also paramount.

We Serve All Our Stakeholders' Interests

At Milestone we feel a strong sense of responsibility to all of our stakeholders, including our customers, employees, regulators, neighboring communities and the environment.  We take our commitment to each of these stakeholders seriously and we believe that stewardship of the environment is one of the core reasons we are in business. Protecting people and oilfield waste is only the first step. Making sure our relationships and environment are thriving is always what’s next. 

To that end, Milestone is proud to be a corporate member of Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA), the national trade association for the oilfield services and equipment sector. Among other activities, PESA aims to advance environmental and social governance policies, priorities, and provide targeted workforce development for the oilfield services sector. Gabriel Rio, Milestone president and CEO, serves as an elected member of the PESA Advisory Board, where he contributes to the direction of PESA, promotes sector achievements, and helps strengthen PESA’s visibility and cause in the industry. 

What We Do for Where We Live

Our business is oilfield waste disposal. But our Job is protecting people and places.  We choose our facility locations carefully to minimize impact on the environment and our neighbors.  And where we can make things better, we do.

Protection is Job Number One  

Milestone chooses the location of our wells based on their ability to most effectively prevent oilfield waste from contaminating the surrounding environment. We engineer our facilities to carefully contain the waste materials we collect and mitigate any adverse effects to the surrounding environment. After all, we work and live here, too.

Our Community is Our Concern

We aren’t only cognizant of what’s going on underground. Above ground, Milestone goes the extra mile to maintain a positive relationship with our communities by choosing locations that allow enough space to keep trucks from lining up on the sides of major roads and parcels of land that put a buffer between our operations and our neighbors.

The steps we take to mitigate physical impact on our surronding neighbors include:

  • Sufficent space for trucks to park during business surges, so highways stay clear.
  • Specially designed, fully cased wells drilled below usable groundwater.

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People First

In all we do, the safety and security of our employees and customers is always at the forefront. We go to great lengths to ensure every person at every facility operates in the safest manner possible. 

The Road to Dependability has Rules 

At Milestone, we recognize our fundamental obligation to protect the environment, public health and our communities, while providing services that enhance our customers’ ability to find and produce vital oil and natural gas resources in a sustainable manner. We are committed to maintaining regulatory compliance in every market where we operate, and we go consistently beyond what the rules require.

Slurry Injection

Milestone’s proprietary slurry injection process has been developed over more than 20 years of operating history. Our advanced process differentiates our facilities from traditional methods of oilfield waste disposal.

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Our Facilities

We design our facilities for convenience and dependability alike. We’re always nearby, and we’re always on the job.

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