Far ahead. Always nearby. ®
That's Milestone


Constant Protection, Personal Attention

Milestone helps E&P companies produce oil and gas in an environmentally responsible manner and run their operations more efficiently by providing innovative, dependable solutions for non-hazardous waste disposal. 

We build strong customer relationships because we employ a deliberate, proven approach that the industry trusts. Milestone is well known for its commitment to keeping the environment safe and unaffected by the waste streams we manage. We are equally known for our commitment to service. We strive to exceed customer expectations in everything we do, from locating our facilities close to customers, to minimizing wait times, to providing thorough washout services. 

We tirelessly strive to provide the highest levels of efficiency, safety, and protection. Far ahead. Always nearby. That’s Milestone.

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Our History

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Milestone Environmental Services got its start in the fall of 2014, with the purchase of a unique, proprietary slurry injection process and four slurry injection facilities in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville Shale plays.

Over the next several years, the Milestone team worked to refine and continuously improve upon the slurry injection process it had acquired, and installed its first newly-built facilities in the Permian Basin.

In 2016, Milestone opened its Pecos facility, the first of its kind in the Permian Basin. The company has since built slurry injection facilities throughout the Permian in Orla, Stanton, Big Spring, and South Midland. In 2019, based on increased customer demand for disposal of solid energy waste streams, Milestone opened its first energy waste landfill in Orla, with a second planned in Upton County in 2020. Milestone’s integrated slurry + landfill solution has become the clear choice for its customers.

Today, Milestone is the premier energy waste management company in the Permian Basin, with more facilities than any other operator. On average, a Permian drilling rig is only 39 minutes from a Milestone location. With more facilities planned, Milestone endeavors to make choosing environmentally sustainable, professional disposal of energy waste the easiest, most cost-effective, and most responsible solution.

Eager for What's Ahead

As we enter the next chapter of our 25-year history, exciting and profitable change is underway. Yet, the same principles that our founders instilled on day one drive us today:

  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Personal Service

We plan to be available for you at every turn for years to come — and always ahead when it comes to unbeatable service and efficient, consistent waste disposal.

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