Far ahead. Always nearby. ®
That's Milestone


Constant Protection, Personal Attention

Milestone’s goal is to enable E&P operators to produce oil and gas in an environmentally sustainable manner. To reach further toward an even more stable and efficient operation. To provide even greater support through better relationships and innovative, dependable solutions for non-hazardous waste disposal.

We employ a deliberate, proven approach to waste disposal that the industry trusts. Our customers know and depend on our commitment to keep the environment unaffected by the materials we inject deep below the surface of the Earth. Above it, we locate our operations near our customers in order to develop and nurture partnerships for the long-term. It is through efficiency and innovation that we create true value for our customers and the environment.

We are continuously striving for the next level of efficiency, safety and protection. Far ahead. Always nearby. That’s Milestone.

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Our History

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Milestone Environmental Services began operations in 1993 as American Disposal Services (ADS) in Fayette County, Texas. The first injection well went into operation in March of that year.

Over the next two decades, ADS opened and operated five facilities strategically located through the Eagle Ford and Haynesville shale regions.

In October 2014, ADS was acquired by Intervale Capital to grow and expand the business. Under the new name Milestone Environmental Services, the company has expanded into the Permian Basin.

Eager for What's Ahead

As we enter the next chapter of our 25-year history, exciting and profitable change is underway. Yet, the same principles that our founders instilled on day one drive us today:

  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Personal Service

We plan to be available for you at every turn for years to come — and always ahead when it comes to unbeatable service and efficient, consistent waste disposal.

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