We do everything we can to protect our environment. We've built our company, and our name, on this premise. 

Proactive Protection

We all work with materials that, improperly handled or contained, could harm this planet. Milestone goes beyond expected safety standards to ensure every ounce of oilfield waste is disposed of safely and responsibly to mitigate the risk of contaminating surrounding geologic formations or usable groundwater.

The Steps We Take

Our materials, facility designs, and methods include:

Slurry Injection Facilities

  • Carefully selected disposal formations secured by nonporous confining rock layers.
  • Highly secure injection wells drilled to depths far below usable groundwater.
  • Multiple layers of steel casing placed into the wellbore and securely cemented in place.
  • Waste receiving tank batteries that feature concrete containment barriers.
  • Fiberglass and steel storage tanks coated with specially designed materials to ensure zero leakage.
  • Truck storage pits reinforced with 8-inch-thick steel and concrete walls and bottom.

Landfill Facilities

  • Groundwater monitoring wells
  • 24-inch protective soil layer
  • Leachate collection system with pipe and geo-composite layer
  • 200 mm leak detection system
  • 60 mm thick HDPE liners above and below the leak detection system
  • Geo-synthetic clay liner

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Slurry Injection

Milestone’s proprietary slurry injection process has been developed over more than 20 years of operating history. Our advanced process differentiates our facilities from traditional methods of oilfield waste disposal.

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Milestone makes safety one of our biggest priorities. Our goal is to make our workplace injury and incident-free. 

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