In the same way we push the envelope of injection well innovation, we push the lengths to which we go for a safer workplace.

Safety First. And Second. And Third…

Safety is the core value that drives our business — not only for our well-being, but also for the efficient operation of our business. This core value is supported from the uppermost levels of management and transcends across all organizational boundaries at all levels. Our goal is for all employees to stay injury-free in the work place. We all have a responsibility to make our safety - and that of our colleagues - a priority. Milestone wants all its employees to return home every day in the same condition that they arrived to work.

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Focused on ZERO.

We strive to maintain a work environment free of recognized hazards. Our ultimate goal is ZERO incidents. To accomplish this, we focus on:

  • Demonstrated commitment by management, strong leadership by field supervisors, and the personal and passionate involvement of the entire workforce.
  • Concentrated attention on hazard identification, elimination and control; early intervention and feedback regarding unsafe or unhealthy work practices; and positive reinforcement of safe work behavior.
  • Integration of safety and health considerations into our operations and activities.
  • Dedication to identifying, correcting and preventing hazardous conditions that could adversely affect our employees, our customers or the general public.
  • Commitment to complying with all applicable safety and health regulatory requirements and to providing sufficient resources to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We believe that the employees at Milestone are the foundation of our safety and health protection programs. The cooperation of all personnel is essential to support and sustain an effective safety and health protection program.

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At Milestone, we always act in the best interest of the communities in which we operate. All of our processes are designed to minimize our impact on the environment, as well as the community.

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We design deliberate measures into our day-to-day operations so that what we do doesn't harm the environment.

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