Slurry Injection

We've taken injection well innovation even deeper. Our proprietary designs and processes deliver efficient, dependable oilfield waste disposal, as well as peace of mind.

Efficient Disposal. Deep Protection.

Milestone’s slurry injection process is a high-quality, environmentally secure and economically efficient method for oilfield waste disposal. RCRA-exempt, non-hazardous liquid and slurry waste streams, including drilling fluids (also known as drilling muds), tank bottoms, completion fluids, dirty water and produced saltwater, are received at our secure surface facilities. These are then injected into carefully selected, deep geological strata more than a mile below the earth’s surface.

Deliberate Location

Milestone’s slurry injection wells are drilled deep into the earth, thousands of feet below usable groundwater. While we inject into highly permeable geological strata (injection zones), they are overlain and contained by solid, impermeable layers of rock or shale (confining zones). These confining zones, along with thousands of feet of earth and rock that lie between our injection zones and usable groundwater, serve to protect water sources that are critical to the health of our environment.

Extreme Protection

Once the well has reached its targeted depth, multiple layers of steel casing are placed downhole into the wellbore and cemented in place. These barriers create a secure, impermeable wall between the wellbore, groundwater and other surrounding strata. Furthermore, we have operational procedures and scheduled testing requirements to ensure wellbore integrity remains intact.

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A History of Dependability

Milestone’s proprietary slurry injection process has been developed over more than 20 years of operating history. Our advanced process differentiates our facilities from traditional saltwater injection. Milestone locations are carefully chosen to handle slurry injection, and our completion techniques allow us to significantly enhance the long-term performance of our wells. The careful handling of the waste streams we receive on the surface, along with the routine maintenance of our wellbores, ensure the long-term success of our injection wells. Because of Milestone’s proprietary process, we offer the lowest-cost, most environmentally secure oilfield waste disposal option on the market today.

Always Watching Out For You 

Environmental protection is the essence of Milestone Environmental Services. We believe we have the operational and regulatory processes and systems in place to give our clients the confidence and security they need when choosing a premium waste disposal company.

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