What We Do

Milestone Environmental Services works with North American E&P operators to securely and safely dispose of oilfield waste streams. Our proprietary injection wells dispose of waste more than a mile below the Earth's surface, below any water tables or environmentally sensitive formations.

Service That Goes the Distance

We employ a deliberate, proven approach to waste disposal that the industry trusts. Our customers know our commitment to the environment: keeping it safe and unaffected by the materials we inject deep below the surface of the earth. In doing so, we locate our facilities near our customers' operations. Whether it is providing disposal washout services or fast, efficient invoicing, we strive to exceed expectations. This creates true value to the environment and our customers.


waste accepted


Milestone's facilities accept the following wastes:

  • Water-Based Mud
  • Oil-Based Mud
  • Dirty Water, Flowback and Completion Fluids
  • Oily Water, Flowback and Completion Fluids
  • Tank Bottoms and Wash Pit Waste
  • Field Salt Water

Other Services

  • Truck and Frac Tank Full-service Washouts
  • Covered Washout Facilities

Manifests are required for all loads except produced water.

Our Facilities

We design our facilities for convenience and dependability alike. We’re always nearby, and we’re always on the job.

Explore Our Facilities

Slurry Injection

Milestone’s proprietary slurry injection process has been developed over more than 20 years of operating history. Our advanced process differentiates our facilities from traditional methods of oilfield waste disposal.

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