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Milestone chooses its locations very carefully, based on proximity to oilfield activity, ease of access, location relative to major arteries, and geology. We look for open, porous geology bounded by confining layers that is conducive to stability and permeability. Several more factors are considered: Does it allow permeability, yet is bounded by granites or shales to keep waste from migrating into another formation or water table? Is it located near an old wellbore? Has that wellbore been plugged and cemented correctly? We examine all these factors and more in order to maintain the integrity of both our storage and our relationships with our customers.

Typically, our locations are set on or near major arteries for our customers’ convenience. Our surface facilities are compact, but allow our customers to get in and out quickly. And we always have sufficient room for many trucks to operate and maneuver during surges in business. We make room to keep trucks from lining up on the road and mitigate impact on any neighboring operations or communities.

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Environmentally Mindful Design

Our waste receiving tank battery features concrete floors and containment walls to prevent soil contamination, and our fiberglass and steel storage tanks are coated with specially designed materials to ensure zero leakage. Our washout pits are reinforced with 8-inch-thick steel-reinforced concrete walls and bottom.

Service Around the Clock and Beyond the Expected

All of our facilities are manned 24/7 to better serve our customers. All loads are inspected and referenced against the manifest. Invoices are processed and quickly delivered. We have built our reputation on personal service and are always diligent in protecting and nurturing our relationships.

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