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Milestone provides environmental infrastructure services that enable customers across various sectors to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their ability to meet sustainability goals.

Total Carbon Sequestered

3,029,958.069MT CO₂ since 2014

*Estimated, based on historical averages and volumes received

How much total carbon Milestone has sequestered from 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Leading environmental services and carbon management 

Milestone is the largest energy waste sequestration company in the United States, operating an integrated network of facilities that reduces its customers' carbon impact. Our infrastructure permanently sequesters hydrocarbon waste more than a mile below the surface, preventing greenhouse gas emissions and water and ground contamination.

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Anomage of the Milestone 2023 Sustainability Report front cover.

2023 Sustainability Report

At Milestone, sustainability efforts must be measured by their ability to create or protect value. In this Report, we went to great lengths to define how, where, and for whom we create that value. Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) practices are integral to our business resilience and creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

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Net-Zero Thought Leadership

Milestone's quest to provide sustainable environmental infrastructure services
is evident in everything we do. Here are a variety of resources that
demonstrate our unwavering commitment to operational excellence and
dedication to helping industries achieve net-zero goals.

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Sustainability champion 

On EARTH with John Holden, host John Holden and Milestone President & CEO Gabriel Rio discuss how Milestone is protecting the environment and mankind with its commitment to creating a better world.

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Information you can use

Our resource center covers everything from waste management to ESG leadership. Milestone is committed to forging the path to a carbon-neutral future. 

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Practicing what we preach

We empower our industry to eliminate negative impacts to the environment by operating in ways that go beyond compliance. 

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Safer, Smarter Solutions

We help our customers achieve their net-zero commitments and emission
reduction targets by offsetting their indirect Scope 3 emissions. E&P
companies that work with Milestone save an average of 12% of on-site disposal
costs by avoiding additional carbon offset purchases. 

A picture of a slurry injection pump at dusk.

Slurry Injection

Our proprietary process safely and permanently sequesters energy waste thousands of feet below the Earth's surface.

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We sequester solids in permanent “carbon sinks” adjacent to our slurry injection sites, giving you one resource for all waste streams.

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Strength in Numbers

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