Our Waste Sequestration Solutions

Milestone operates state-of-the-art slurry injection wells and landfills in North America’s key production basins. Our proprietary processes and convenient locations make it easy for you to safely sequester all of your RCRA-exempt energy waste.

A look at a Milestone facility from above.

Your one stop for sustainability

Carbon reduction is at the core of our business in every way. Our facilities are open 24/7 and located close to your field operations, reducing transportation emissions and costs. When waste comes to us, the streams are efficiently inspected and separated. Solids go into our secure, highly engineered carbon-sink landfills, while hydrocarbon and contaminant-laden slurries are injected deep underground, thousands of feet below the water table via permitted and regulated Class II UIC wells, where they remain forever.

A Milestone worker attaching a pump to an oilfield waste vehicle.

Go beyond compliance

The U.S. and state governments have set standards for handling energy waste. Take a few giant leaps beyond that, and you’ll find us. When you partner with Milestone for waste sequestration, you have the assurance that you’ve met compliance requirements, and then some. Our standards and processes are uncompromising because protecting people and the environment goes to the very core of everything we do.

A Milestone ES container designed for transporting oilfield waste.

Transportation and equipment

Our dispatch team is available around the clock to schedule transportation of end dumps and vac trucks, and the deployment or collection of cutting bins and rail sets. Before equipment is dispatched to the rig, we’ll work out an efficient logistics plan with the company rep. We do whatever it takes to make your life easier.

Call us today for your transportation and containment equipment needs: 432-203-DISP (3477).

Our Solutions

A picture of a slurry injection pump at dusk.

Slurry Injection

Our proprietary process safely and permanently sequesters energy waste thousands of feet below the water table.

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An overview of a landfill under construction in a desert.


We sequester solids in permanent underground “carbon sinks” at our slurry injection sites, giving you one resource for all waste streams.

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