Carbon Impact

Helping Customers Achieve Net-Zero

Milestone is a key partner in the energy value chain by helping our customers achieve their net zero commitments and emission reduction targets. By investing in Milestone’s carbon sequestration solutions, companies can effectively offset their indirect Scope 3 emissions, enabling them to meet net-zero commitments and emerging regulatory requirements while satisfying the expectations of investors. The waste that was once an unavoidable byproduct and operational cost becomes an opportunity.

A Better Environment is Better for Business

We make a strong partner for meeting environmental goals because we also make a great business case for employing our solutions. With Milestone, you’re able to make a low-cost and practically effortless switch from risky onsite land applications to our carbon-capturing slurry injection and landfill methods. And because our solutions are permanent, you protect yourself from liability over the long term.

A graphic diagram showing the elements that are in waste.

The safer, smarter, easier alternative

At present, the use of reserve pits and landfarming are permissible in Texas, and the contents that get dumped into them are deemed by the Texas Railroad Commission to be non-hazardous. But that was a ruling from the 1970s. What we now know for certain is that the hydrocarbons that end up in pits or get spread on the ground emit greenhouse gasses into the air and contaminants into the soil. Milestone gives you an environmentally responsible alternative, at about the same cost as dealing with waste the old risky ways.

A circular graphic showing four major components to reaching net zero carbon emissions.

Milestone's Net Negative Carbon Footprint

Milestone has the largest slurry injection installed capacity based in the U.S. Our sequestration solutions prevent hydrocarbons contained in our customers’ waste from volatilizing or otherwise degrading into fugitive emissions, and instead permanently sequester them beneath the Earth’s surface. If these waste streams had been disposed of through common practices such as landfarming or land application (i.e., reserve pits), resulting fugitive emissions would otherwise occur naturally over time. The net carbon benefit of the avoided emissions from our waste sequestration technology far outpaces our operating emission

A graphic diagram showing how the surface area and air space taken up by slurry injection waste.

Endless environmental upside

Milestone’s slurry injection method not only locks hydrocarbons and other harmful contaminants away forever deep underground, it also preserves precious land resources. The elimination of unsightly reserve pits and landfarming, which place contaminated wastes above the water table, ensures that prime land stays unscarred, unpolluted, and unlimited in its potential for more productive uses. The land we walk on, the water we drink, and the air we breathe is better protected, your company is shielded from future environmental liability, and your Sustainability goals are better met.

Leading Forward For Stakeholders

Whether you are an operator, a landowner, or a policymaker, Milestone knows you are a
key stakeholder in our mission. See how we are leading the charge in secure
environmental infrasructure and carbon sequestration. 

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Put your waste to work

See how we are helping operators reduce their carbon footprint while mitigating environmental risk.

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Protect your land and your legacy 

We provide a safe and responsible alternative to reserve pits and landfarming allowing owners to protect their land for generations to come. 

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Shape a better future

We make it easy for policymakers to pursue a forward-looking carbon agenda that benefits all while transitioning to a more sustainable energy future.

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