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Milestone Environmental Services, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a leading environmental services and carbon management company and the largest energy waste sequestration company in the United States. Milestone operates a leading integrated network of waste infrastructure that reduces the carbon impact of its customers by permanently sequestering hydrocarbon waste over a mile below the surface, preventing greenhouse gas emissions and water and ground contamination. Since 2014, Milestone has sequestered more than 3 million tons of CO2e through its injection process. Our subsidiary, Milestone Carbon, is devoted to helping multiple types of emitters meet their decarbonization goals by developing and operating injection sites that permanently and securely sequester CO2 below the surface.

In October 2023, Milestone became a portfolio company of SK Capital Partners, a sector-focused, growth-oriented private investment firm comprised of a team with extensive operating, ownership, and investment experience. Our change in ownership also marked changes in the composition of our Board of Directors, which is comprised of five members. Our Board continues to have oversight of our sustainability efforts and disclosures, as well as our overall financial performance and Risk Management processes.

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A legacy of carbon sequestration

Milestone was established in 2014 after acquiring a proprietary slurry injection process along with four slurry injection facilities located in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville Shale regions. The Milestone team honed this process over time, leading to the inauguration of our Pecos facility in 2016—the first of its type in the Permian Basin. Since then, we have expanded our presence, constructing state-of-the-art slurry injection facilities in strategic locations across the Permian in Orla, Stanton, Big Spring, and south of Midland, as well as extending operations into New Mexico with our Battle Axe facility. We continue to operate one of the original facilities in Fashing in the Eagle Ford Shale region of South Texas, and we operate a facility in Center in East Texas's Haynesville Shale.

In response to growing demand for responsible solid waste management solutions, we inaugurated our first carbon-sink landfill in Orla in 2019, followed by a second in Upton County in 2020, and a third in Stanton in 2024. These developments have positioned Milestone as the comprehensive solution provider for RCRA-exempt energy waste sequestration, operating the largest integrated network of slurry and landfill management systems in the United States.

Today, Milestone is recognized as a pivotal environmental infrastructure partner, trusted by customers to help minimize their carbon footprints and advance their sustainability objectives.

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Our founding principle

"Milestone was founded to boldly advance sustainability in the energy industry and beyond. Our offerings enable companies to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their ability to meet sustainability goals."
-Gabriel Rio, President and CEO

We do this by delivering best practices that enable the development and production of vital domestic energy while doing the right thing to lead toward a better tomorrow. Our values reflect our commitment to the environment, our workforce, our community, and our customers.

Our Mission

To Clean Up EnergySM

Milestone’s Mission is to Clean Up Energy. Founded to boldly advance Sustainability, Milestone succeeds by delivering best practices for the safe and secure management and disposal of energy waste.

Our Values

Milestone’s values reflect our commitment to the environment, our customers, our workforce, and our communities.

Milestone STRONG

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Leading Forward For Stakeholders

Whether you are an operator, a landowner, or a policymaker, Milestone knows you are a key stakeholder in our mission. See how we are leading the charge in secure energy waste management and carbon sequestration. 

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See how we are helping operators reduce their carbon footprint while mitigating environmental risk.

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We provide a safe and responsible alternative to reserve pits and landfarming allowing owners to protect their land for generations to come. 

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We make it easy for policymakers to pursue a forward-looking carbon agenda that benefits all while transitioning to a more sustainable energy future.

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Our commitment to personal service starts at the top and drills deep to our processes and culture.

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