Milestone Carbon Signs Letter of Intent for Louisiana Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project

HOUSTON, Texas – March 21, 2023 – Milestone Carbon, a leading carbon sequestration company, today announced its intent to evaluate approximately 46,000 acres for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) in Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish.

Milestone Carbon plans to use the land to permanently dispose of industrial CO2 emissions in underground geologic formations, with the potential to sequester hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide. The company will evaluate the land’s potential for multiple Class VI injection wells to support the decarbonization efforts of existing and planned industrial facilities in southeastern Louisiana. Today, there are more than 35 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually in the region.

“Louisiana has many of the critical elements for successful carbon capture projects, including great geology, strong policy support, and significant industrial emissions,” said Milestone Carbon Senior Vice President Chris Davis. “We are pleased to work with the landowners leveraging Milestone’s experience in sequestration site development, to accelerate CCS growth in Louisiana.”

Following recent news about Department of Energy funding being awarded to the University of Utah’s CarbonSAFE II: Storage Complex Feasibility project, co-sponsored by Milestone Carbon, this announcement is another exciting step in building Milestone Carbon’s portfolio of CCS sites, which includes projects in the Permian Basin, the Rockies, and other Gulf Coast states.

About Milestone Carbon

Milestone Carbon is a subsidiary of Milestone Environmental Services, LLC (“Milestone”). Milestone Carbon offers turnkey solutions for the permanent geological sequestration of CO2—including design, permitting, development, and operations—for significant industrial emitters. Applying Milestone’s vast knowledge and experience of developing complex injection operations, Milestone Carbon customers will benefit from the safe, reliable disposal, and monetization of their carbon dioxide emissions through state-of-the-art injection facilities.

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